Make your Halloween Spooky!

Come down to the Reuseum and boost your looks with the vast tech and parts we have. From LEDs to circuit boards, the possibilities for your costume are endless. With our LEDs you can create your very own glow in the dark masks, stick man costumes, and lightsabers. We also have plenty of vacuum tubes; these little bulbs can light up your costume easily as long as you have a battery and some battery snaps. With our circuit boards and motors you can finish up your Halloween props and projects. Already got a costume and props, well what about some Halloween music from our selections of speakers. Don’t need speakers, then what about some homemade decorations, we got fans that you could make into some ghosts or inflatable decorations.

If your going for more of a Mad Scientist theme, we have plenty of scientific instruments. With beakers, microscopes, and more, you can make your Halloween scientific. We even have radiation meters that would go perfect with a hazard costume.