Stereo’s, Receivers, and Tuners; Oh My!

You’re in Idaho, sitting on your porch with your dog. You happen to be listening to the rock-and-rolls from your stereo when all of a sudden, a tornado appears. You head to the entrance of your basement, which for some reason is outside, but the tornado-force winds fell a tree which happened to land specifically on your basement entrance! You run inside, dive under your bed, and the tornado takes you, your dog, and your entire house to the magical wonderland known as the Reuseum. You ponder in amazement at all of the electronics spread throughout the shelves. An employee asks if you need a new stereo but you are confused knowing that yours works great. It soon dawns on you, however, that you no longer hear any music! You look in desperation at the location your stereo was kept, fearing the worst. As if to imitate your fears, you find that your stereo had fallen to the ground, destroyed by the tornado.

Luckily for you, the Reuseum has the stereos you need to replace your old or broken systems. Sony, Teac, JVC, and even Marantz. Stop on down and take a look at what we got.


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