Cool Stuff At The Reuseum

Your driving down Chinden road, waiting in 5 o’clock traffic, when, out of the corner of your eye, you see it. The Reuseum, a shining beacon of hope in an otherwise boring parking lot experience. You end up making a decision, one that will change your afternoon forever. You are now in the Reuseum, perusing throughout the shelves, coming across countless devices and machinery that might provide a huge usefulness in your daily life. Strange heating mechanisms for use on construction sites, stands that become useful when building handcraft gadgets, and even unusual mechanical typing machines for use in the office!

You simply can’t fathom the selection, the neverending shelves of oblivion, however, it’s now 6, and the doors are closing, the lights are dimming, and the streets are thinning. You leave the store in order to go home and enjoy dinner, thinking all the way into the night just how cool the stuff at the Reuseum is.

Construction Heater
SKIL Mitersaw Stand
Burroughs Adding Machine
Cool Lantern!
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