To Tablet or not to Tablet; That is the question?

You hear the haters telling you that you are lame, that you are living in the past. The path you take is the path you know to be the correct one, yet everyone is telling you no, that you should go down the road everyone else walks down, but you know the truth. The truth being that Pokemon Go still exists and you won’t be satisfied until you have caught them all.

You know that it will be a hard climb. Your friends have given up, so how do you plan to find the special ones; the unique Pokemon that are just waiting to be collected as data onto your phone. Then it dawns on you, if one phone gets you Pokemon at a normal rate, two phones will double the rate for captured Pokemon! But where can you get phones that would work for the game? Where can you get phones that not only work but are affordable? Introducing the Reuseum, your one stop shop for electronic machinery and devices.

Find tablets of all different brands and phones of various models at prices so low, you would think we were selling them for parts. So stop by the Reuseum and check out these wonders to make your phone or tablet needs easier to manage!

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