Improve your life with these items!

Incredible. Your curious disposition allows you the incredible human reaction of stumbling along to this site and reading about what the Reuseum holds within its vault of treasure. Below are a few of the items that might improve you day in some sort way.

The other scientists call you shaky-hands Fred, and your tired of that nickname! With this Herzan Mod-1 Dynamic Vibration Isolation System you can conduct all sorts of tests and measurements without fear of vibration from both you and you environment! This device uses electromagnetic transducers to provide isolation from vibrations at frequencies as low as 2 to 3 Hz. The control circuitry is built into the unit and can support loads of up to 85 kg, perfect for your microscope, petri dishes, or 85 kg weights! 

Are you in the market for a user-friendly, manual-setting paper folding machine which folds documents at up to 120 sheets per minute? Well look no further then the Reuseum! The Duplo DF-755 Manual Paper Folder folds up to 120 sheets per minute with a maximum sheet capacity of 500 pages! Incredibly easy to use, this machine only requires that you know the location of the paper tray and the knowledge to press the green button, thus causing the machine to fold away. Perfect to replace that one intern that not only can’t fold paper but can’t even make a good cup of joe. 

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