Revamp and Restore of the Reuseum Website!

After countless months of the website not working, the Reuseum has finally gotten the website to function! Through hours of blood, sweat, and tears we have managed to updated the website to support the new goals and plans of the Reuseum!

Showcasing the store in all its glory, the homepage will function to introduce people to some of the things we do at the Reuseum, as well as show some of the latest items to arrive to store. The donate section is a handy page which informs everyone interested in donating items what exactly we can accept, and what we can’t. At the end of things, if anyone still has questions about the Reuseum, the Contact Us page is perfect for getting in touch with us via our email or our phone number.

We look forward to supporting the community through the various workshops and events in the future, and we thank everyone who supports us in our endeavour. Look forward to more blogs and posts about the Reuseum and what we provide!