Science and Electronics Kits at the Reuseum

After looking online at all of the cool kits and robotic projects, we decided to smash our brains together and make some of our own. Check out some of the kits we made down below!

  • DIY Stir Plate Kit

    • Magnet stirrers are often used in chemistry and biology. They are preferred over motorized stirrers because they are quieter, more efficient, and have no moving external parts. This kit allows people to create their own stir plate for the purpose of scientific experiments at home.

  • DIY Buzzwire Kit

    • Buzzwire is a steady hand game that is well known to many as a table top amusement. Buzz quickly through the obstacle course of your making! Design a simple circuit for training, then step up your game to develop a circuit of countless twists and turns. You control the wand that will complete the circuit, and if you aren’t careful, the buzzer will ring.

  • Bluetooth Controlled Robot

    • Learn to build and code your own robot. You can either control the robot via bluetooth on your phone, or program the robot to run autonomously. With enough practice you might even be able to challenge your friends for races or prove your robots better in sumo-wrestling robotic duels!