Music Long Gone Past!

Have you ever missed the 1900s music classics? Music has changed along with the times, from records, to tapes, to CDs, the ability to listen to music has become a lot easier. Down at the Reuseum we, can fulfil your music needs! With record players and other receivers, you can play your music however you like. Want to play some songs of your own? Then electric pianos and other electric instruments are the items for you! Check out some of the items below, or stop by at the store for even more musical instrumentations!

Make your Halloween Spooky!

Come down to the Reuseum and boost your looks with the vast tech and parts we have. From LEDs to circuit boards, the possibilities for your costume are endless. With our LEDs you can create your very own glow in the dark masks, stick man costumes, and lightsabers. We also have plenty of vacuum tubes; these little bulbs can light up your costume easily as long as you have a battery and some battery snaps. With our circuit boards and motors you can finish up your Halloween props and projects. Already got a costume and props, well what about some […]

Stereo’s, Receivers, and Tuners; Oh My!

You’re in Idaho, sitting on your porch with your dog. You happen to be listening to the rock-and-rolls from your stereo when all of a sudden, a tornado appears. You head to the entrance of your basement, which for some reason is outside, but the tornado-force winds fell a tree which happened to land specifically on your basement entrance! You run inside, dive under your bed, and the tornado takes you, your dog, and your entire house to the magical wonderland known as the Reuseum. You ponder in amazement at all of the electronics spread throughout the shelves. An employee […]

Technology from a Bygone Era

Aunt Linda needs a new VCR player to play the thousands of VHS tapes she has around the house. Legends speak of the players that played them, almost fit for museums now. One might have to scour the internet to uncover a player in working condition. But luckily for your aunt the Reuseum has her back! Along with the many kinds of ancient audio technologies we carry, from turntables to tube amplifiers, VCR players are one of the items we get fairly frequently! Able to play that limited edition, ULTRA RARE movie, Attack of the Killer Refrigerator, or even better, […]