For Those Proclamated Individuals

According to the governor of Idaho, the Reuseum is considered an essential business! For those of you who are still looking for devices that are required to work from home, such as computers, monitors, computer cables, etc., stopping by the store is the thing to do to get those kinds of items you need. Alternatively, if you are simply looking for things to do during the 21-day stay-at-home proclamation, we have electronic components for household projects, DIY products for everyday prospects, or even stereos and other audio equipment for neighborhood comments.

No matter what your stuck doing, stop by the Reuseum in order to get the items you need to help both you and your sanity during these coming days.

Computer Sets
Individual Computers
Do you need a laptop?
Computer Supplies
DIY Projects
Capacitors and other Electronics
Resistors and other Electronics
Stereo Equipment
Stereo Equipment
Speakers – HUGE
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