Electronic Oddities for Useful Possibilities

Your watching television and all of a sudden the television explodes! A normal person might go to Best Buy in order to purchase a new television, others might hire someone to fix the one they own. However, your different. You look back into your memory at the times when you were learning about electronics and it dawned on you; you can fix that television! Unfortunately, you don’t have oscilloscopes, multimeters, or even spectrum analyzers that you could use to fix the TV sitting in front of you. What do you do?!?

Luckily for you, the Reuseum has your back. With a selection of the items from multimeters, to function generators, to even analog power meters, you too can become a electronic repairman all at one quick stop at the Reuseum. Check out the images below for a look into some of the items we have at the store!

Oscilloscope in action!
Frequency Generators!
Cool Radio Equipment?
Multimeter? I hardly even knew her!
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