Thanksgiving activities to do with the kids!

Thanksgiving is right around the corner all with turkey, mashed potatoes, and no school for the kids! What better way to entertain the kids then to bring them down to the Reuseum for a turkey-themed robot build! Have fun making a robot that gobbles up the distance and enjoy the DIY process of creating something.

Alternatively, you can stop by and pick up a DIY Light Theremin or a DIY Electric Piano to build and enjoy together! For those who don’t know, the theremin is an electronic musical instrument controlled without physical contact. This version uses both light and the absence of light to change the volume and pitch of the theremin you make! The DIY Electric Piano is also a cool, yet informative, project that teaches the maker about electronic circuits, circuit building, and sound, all while having fun making it!

If these projects sound like something that would be able to keep the kids in line or perhaps they are simply something that they might enjoy, feel free to stop by the store and check them out!

Turkey Bot!
DIY Light Theremin
DIY Electric Piano
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