Tripodal Treasure Trove

Do you need tripods for various situations? Are you, perhaps, addicted to the tripodal form? Is your mental fortitude so unstable that you are unable to function without a tripod near you? Luckily for you, the Reuseum has your back with a bunch of machinery using the tripodal design. Telescopes for tracking the stars, tripods for camera stabilization, or even projector screens to witness movies on the go. Check out the pictures below for some of the three-legged machines we have in the store and feel free to stop by to find more cool things like those!

Television Central at the Reuseum!

For those of your who don’t know the Reuseum, we get all kinds of items from people who are either cutting back, upgrading to a newer system, or replacing their non-functioning stuff. Every now and again we get perfectly functional televisions because of any number of these reasons.  Below are just a few of the televisions that we have received at the store, that function just as they should. 

What did the Motherboard say to the Daughterboard?

You are looking through your garage for the screwdriver you knew you had when you see it, behind the wall of “stuff” you thought you would use at a later date. Miscellaneous cables, old phones, retired computers, and the third coffee machine you bought that one year; all of it, is in your way. It’s about time you got rid of it all, and where better to take it then the Reuseum. We reuse, resell, and recycle all sorts of electronic devices, this includes the items you have stacked in your garage. No matter what it is, we will decide […]

Capture a Moment with these Photographic Contraptions!

Different events happen every moment and with the holidays quickly on the way, you might need something that would keep those countless moments in hand. Cameras not only make for wonderful gifts, but allow you the ability to capture the events of your holiday season. Whether your shopping for collector of antique cameras or someone who is getting into cameras for the first time, stop by the Reuseum to check out all of the photographic contraptions we have to offer!