Visually Pleasing Video Displays!

How far have televisions come to be what they are in today’s world. Back in the day when 720p was the bomb for video resolution. Now we are at 1080p being the norm, with some avid televisions watchers sporting 4k or even 8k resolutions. We are even starting to get these connections for people on phones or computer monitors! For those of you who are struggling to catch up to technological norms, the Reuseum has your back with televisions, monitors, and other video displays of unimaginable video quality. Check out the information below for more info on the super cool, […]

Did you know we had Electronic Magazines and Books?

Are you a budding electronic enthusiast who just can’t stop learning the world of electronics? Have you finished scouring through the internet with a thirst for knowledge, only to be disappointed that there wasn’t enough information? Luckily for you, avid reader, the Reuseum has cool magazines and informative books all pertaining to electronics, physics, mathematics, and more! With magazines that contain countless DIY electronic projects and knowhow you can make a flood detection alarm, learn about selecting a specific ultrasonic flow meter for your given purpose, or even design your own compact-disk player for your home! Your knowledge can continue […]

Computers Galore At The Reuseum!

Get suited up and ready to go for the start of the new decade! Update your old computers, get more monitors, improve your computer surround system, and stick with the same old windows operating system you have been using since windows 95. We have monitors at a dollar an inch, i5 computer towers below $100, and even keyboards!! Where do you even get keyboards!?! If you need computer RAM for laptops, or wireless cards to towers, the Reuseum is the one stop shop to check out! See the images below to get a brief viewing of what we carry!

What’s that sound!?!

Do you listen to music? Do you get a cold sweats in the middle of the night thinking that your rocking stereo system might not be enough to wake up the nextdoor neighbors in the morning? Luckily for people like you, the Reuseum exists in order to provide you with improvements to your music lab. We get all sorts of the audio equipment from stereos to speakers to guitar amplifiers to professional mixers.¬†Feel free to come down to the store and check out some of the stuff down below that might cause the neighbour to wonder, “What is that sound!?!”.¬†

Science and Electronics Kits at the Reuseum

After looking online at all of the cool kits and robotic projects, we decided to smash our brains together and make some of our own. Check out some of the kits we made down below! DIY Stir Plate Kit Magnet stirrers are often used in chemistry and biology. They are preferred over motorized stirrers because they are quieter, more efficient, and have no moving external parts. This kit allows people to create their own stir plate for the purpose of scientific experiments at home. DIY Buzzwire Kit Buzzwire is a steady hand game that is well known to many as […]

Revamp and Restore of the Reuseum Website!

After countless months of the website not working, the Reuseum has finally gotten the website to function! Through hours of blood, sweat, and tears we have managed to updated the website to support the new goals and plans of the Reuseum! Showcasing the store in all its glory, the homepage will function to introduce people to some of the things we do at the Reuseum, as well as show some of the latest items to arrive to store. The donate section is a handy page which informs everyone interested in donating items what exactly we can accept, and what we […]