Make your Halloween Spooky!

Come down to the Reuseum and boost your looks with the vast tech and parts we have. From LEDs to circuit boards, the possibilities for your costume are endless. With our LEDs you can create your very own glow in the dark masks, stick man costumes, and lightsabers. We also have plenty of vacuum tubes; these little bulbs can light up your costume easily as long as you have a battery and some battery snaps. With our circuit boards and motors you can finish up your Halloween props and projects. Already got a costume and props, well what about some Halloween music from our selections of speakers. Don’t need speakers, then what about some homemade decorations, we got fans that you could make into some ghosts or inflatable decorations.

If your going for more of a Mad Scientist theme, we have plenty of scientific instruments. With beakers, microscopes, and more, you can make your Halloween scientific. We even have radiation meters that would go perfect with a hazard costume.

Did you hear that!?!

Do you ever feel like your sound system is lacking? Reuseum is here to fix that problem, from receivers to speakers, we have everything you would need to create your perfect sound system. With various speaker sizes you can find something that fits your situation. With a diverse selection of receivers you can create anything from a home theater to stereos you can find your what you need.

New Windows and a Door Too!?

The Reuseum is currently getting some windows and door replaced! Until they are finished, we won’t be able to have people in the store but we still will be accepting donations outside. Thank you to everyone who wants to both donate and stop by. They should be done today and we will inform everyone once we are back open. Thank you.


The doors and windows have been finished! Thank you to everyone who donated while we were temporally closed and we apologize to everyone who wanted to peruse. We are open now, and will be open normal hours, 10AM to 6PM. Thank you!

Super Man? No. Super Cool Mechanisms!

Flying through the air; its a bird, or is it a plane? No. It is Super Cool Mechanisms at the Reuseum! We are talking about giant three-phase transformers, massive thousand volt capacitors, or insane feats of technological innovation, from solar panels that capture the energy of the sun, to telescopes that allow sight into the astronomical expanse of the stars.

Use the devices present at the Reuseum to discover all facets of human and unhuman life. From electrical properties to magnetic fields, we have them all. So feel free to stop by at the Reuseum to check out all of the cool and unique gadgets one could find.

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