Back to School Deals; Computers, Laptops, and More!

Are you going back to school this year from the comfort of your living room? Do you plan on attending classes without actually going to class? Or do you simply want to upgrade your old computer system? Expecting good, functioning computers at a low cost to be on the shelves at the Reuseum is like expecting night to arrive after every day; it’s a safe assumption. Therefore, one would be safe to assume the presence of a wide selection of laptops, computer towers, and accessories for your stay-at-home schooling experience. Check out the images below for a quick snapshot of […]

The Power of Storage!

You are working hard making electronic projects, gizmos, and other doo-dads. It then dawns on you, “Not only do I need to protect my projects from the elements, but dogs as well!” Your outdoor lights need a controller that can identify when its night outside but keeping it exposed outside would cause a quick malfunction come winter. Or perhaps your simply looking for a nice box which will contain your project, preventing unwanted hands from touching it. Whatever the reason look no further then the Reuseum to provide you with a wide assortment of project boxes, containers, and cases of […]

Improve your life with these items!

Incredible. Your curious disposition allows you the incredible human reaction of stumbling along to this site and reading about what the Reuseum holds within its vault of treasure. Below are a few of the items that might improve you day in some sort way. The other scientists call you shaky-hands Fred, and your tired of that nickname! With this Herzan Mod-1 Dynamic Vibration Isolation System you can conduct all sorts of tests and measurements without fear of vibration from both you and you environment! This device uses electromagnetic transducers to provide isolation from vibrations at frequencies as low as 2 […]

Stereo’s, Receivers, and Tuners; Oh My!

You’re in Idaho, sitting on your porch with your dog. You happen to be listening to the rock-and-rolls from your stereo when all of a sudden, a tornado appears. You head to the entrance of your basement, which for some reason is outside, but the tornado-force winds fell a tree which happened to land specifically on your basement entrance! You run inside, dive under your bed, and the tornado takes you, your dog, and your entire house to the magical wonderland known as the Reuseum. You ponder in amazement at all of the electronics spread throughout the shelves. An employee […]

Technology from a Bygone Era

Aunt Linda needs a new VCR player to play the thousands of VHS tapes she has around the house. Legends speak of the players that played them, almost fit for museums now. One might have to scour the internet to uncover a player in working condition. But luckily for your aunt the Reuseum has her back! Along with the many kinds of ancient audio technologies we carry, from turntables to tube amplifiers, VCR players are one of the items we get fairly frequently! Able to play that limited edition, ULTRA RARE movie, Attack of the Killer Refrigerator, or even better, […]

Laptop Computers For Any Situation!

You end up searching the internet for the latest and greatest cat video out there! You sit down on your couch, wrap yourself up in a warm, fluffy blanket, and set your laptop on your lap to get yourself ready for the adorable cat that’s sweeping the nation. Halfway through the video your computer crashes and ,in complete desperation try everything in your power to get your laptop to work, but to no avail. In these situations, one may never know what to do. You may go to work the next day hearing rumors about how the adorable cat did […]