Electronic Parts can be used for Halloween Too!

Its the time of the year where both your spooky and inventor side is revealed, working in tandem to create all manner of electronic oddities.

Motors and pulleys for dancing skeletons, gauze bandages for an escaping mummy, or maybe even LED bulbs for the thousands of jack-o-lantern you have around the house.

The possibilities are endless with the direct devices we have around the store, but what if you want a more wireless connection. Look no further then the ESP-WROOM-32; a microcontroller with built in Wi-Fi and Bluetooth compatibility. Control the your outdoor lighting, tell the smoke generator when to turn on, or even what kind of sound to play for each of the undying zombies.

These are just a fraction of the countless things one can do with the technology from the Reuseum. Stop by to check out the different devices and to get ideas for your spooky Halloween!