Make new things with older Technology!

Cellphone contain miniature speakers, printers have motors, while stereos use all manner of electronics. Taking these old or broken devices apart unveils a treasure trove of electrical magic just waiting to be used. Create intercoms throughout the house or automated window blinds to keep the heat from the sun out. There are many possibilities for both innovation and automation when it comes to using older devices that no longer have a use.

Speakers aren’t the only items in old phones that can be useful. Discovering that the vibration from phones is caused by a tiny motor could give you ideas for projects too. Use the motors for wiggling robots or as wheels remote controlled cars. The HD screens on older smart phones are perfect as displays for DIY temperature control and monitoring or for use as 3D printer control.

Think of all sorts of projects one could make with working older stuff! Check out this article from the Idaho Press for some more ideas about recycling and reusing older technology.