Vintage Computer Technology!

Another 21 days means another 21 days of stuff you want to do! Why not stop by the Reuseum and pick up some vintage computer technology in order to spice up that retro computer museum you have always wanted to make. Are you an Apple fenatic? Then perhaps picking up an Apple IIc would be the decision you make! Is your favorite state Texas? Then how about a Texas Instrument TI-99/4A computer for your TI calculator collection! Or maybe printers are your way of life? Getting the Okidata Okimate 20 printer would be a possible solution!

If your interest has been piqued and your desire to do something over the corrona break is overflowing, stop by the Reuseum and pick up one of these cool vintage computers for your needs today!

Radioshack Computer!?!
Texas Instrument TI-99/4A
Apple IIc
Okidata Okimate 20 Printer
IBM Floppy drive
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